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Mike Isley is an official born and bred Texan from Amarillo. At an early age, Mike was introduced to the Jewish culture, and quickly developed a great appreciation and respect for his Jewish brothers and sisters. After attending his first Passover in high school, Mike, along with his friends, Vance Esler, Larry Latham, and Robert Bauman, attended their first trip to Israel during college. In May 1985, Mike traveled back to Israel with his church, a journey which ultimately inspired him to learn more about Israel and Jews. This particular adventure made him realize how important Israel is as a whole, and the Bible truly became alive to him. Mike has since traveled all over the world, but always finds himself coming back to Israel.


In 2006, Mike traveled became friends with Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz, Israeli Defense Force soldiers. This began what is known today as Texans for Israel. In his heart, Mike believes these two influential men were the impetus behind the establishment of Texans for Israel. Through this organization, Mike continues to tell the story of Israel, support its people, and stand for the Torah, the instruction, and the word of God.


Co-Founder | Secretary Treasurer

Larry Latham retired from a family insurance company in 2011, yet has stayed extremely active in several businesses and organizations. His passion is to support and be a part of the army of evangelism to serve humanity, foster people’s relationships with God and encourage others to follow in Christ’s footsteps.


Larry unearthed his love for Israel while attending the University of Texas after taking Bible classes with Dr. Roy Blizzard. This is when Larry vividly realized God gave His one and only son to die for the sins of all people — not just one race or religion. Larry joined, and is now a supporter of Campus Crusades for Christ.


Larry understands and lives from Genesis, knowing not only that God chose His people, but also His land. "Those who bless will be blessed, and those who curse will be cursed" (Genesis 12:3), shows how Larry feels about the land of Israel.


Chief Creative Officer

David Kiern specializes in creating motion pictures which inspire and motivate audiences. His work includes films and ads for Coca Cola, PBS, Hallmark Channel, The Israeli Ministry of Tourism, Netflix, the National Civil Rights Museum and Universal Music. David has directed documentary films in Nepal, South Africa, India, Israel and Cuba. His films have been used to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for American and international non-profits.


His most recent film, "I Am Israel" is an epic journey through the Holy Land, telling the story of the modern miracle of Israel and the courageous hearts of the Jewish people. Narrated by John Rhys-Davies from the Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings movies, "I Am Israel" is currently airing on 10 worldwide tv networks, screening in over 3000 churches, and was screened in the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem.


David, his wife Natalie and their son Judah live in Nashville, TN.


Advisory Board Member


Advisory Board Member

Josh Wood has been a Managing Partner at Wood Financial, a family owned business, for 10 years. He is happily married to his wife, Careese, and together they have 7 children. He is an author, blogger, and is actively involved with the community.


Josh has always felt a strong tie to the land and the people of Israel, and is honored to serve them in any small way he can. Josh became involved with Texans for Israel thanks to his friend, Mike Isley, in 2008.


Prayer Team

Advisory Board Member

Rebecca Chavez is Executive Director & Founder of Deborah the Brave Ministries. She serves as Co-Women’s Ministry Leader at Christ’s Church and her heart beats to speak and write about her struggles, weaknesses and triumphs to bring hope and freedom to others.


Rebecca is also Roswell City Director for Christians United for Israel and absolutely loves fostering understanding between Christians and Jews and raising awareness for the state of Israel. She has also written many original bible studies including, “Stringing Pearls” a study on Ruth, “The Chamber” a study on the Song of Solomon, and “Deborah the Brave” based on Deborah the Prophetess.


Rebecca is married to her best friend Gerry Chavez, who is the lead pastor of Christ’s Church, and they make their home in Roswell, New Mexico. They have two grown sons, Benjamin and his wife Nicole, who serve as their youth pastors, and Nick who is studying at Texas Tech University.


Rebecca lived in Jerusalem from 1985 – 1987 with a heart to serve and stand with the people of Israel based on what she feels is a biblical mandate according to Genesis 12:2-3. After Faith and Family, Israel and her people are Rebecca’s first love.


Prayer Team

Advisory Board Member

John and Kathy are part of the small group of people who originally met in 1977 and formed Trinity Fellowship Church.  John recently retired from full time ministry after enjoying almost 28 years on the staff at Trinity Fellowship Church.  John continues to serve as an elder in the church.  John and Kathy have been married for 45 years.  They have three children and nine grandchildren.


College & University Advisor

Advisory Board Member


Advisory Board Member


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