Texans for Israel - Grape Harvest

Dates for the Grape Harvest


There are several opportunities for people to go to Israel and help with the grape harvest every year. The dates listed here are the times when people are able to be a crucial help to the HaYovel program to help Israeli vineyard owners to reach the best possible outcome for the harvest.


  •  3 Weeks (1): September 10 – October 1
  •  6 Weeks (1): September 10 – October 22
  • 12 Weeks: September 10 – December 3
  •  3 Weeks (2): October 22 – November 12
  •  6 Weeks (2): October 22 – December 3


History of the Harvest


In ancient Israel the primary harvest season took place usually from April to November. This is documented throughout biblical scripture, mostly in the book of Deuteronomy. The spring harvest brings mostly grains and herbs, like barley and wheat. Barley is first celebrated at the Festival of Unleavened Bread, as discussed in Leviticus 23:9-14. The wheat ripens later than barley and although it is celebrated around Pentecost, it is often harvested after the celebration of Pentecost.


Pentecost seems to mark the end of the spring grain harvest, and leads into the summer harvest. The grape harvest mostly takes place in the summer, however it starts in early June and is considered to start in the springtime in a good year. A good year means the threshing of grains and the grape picking overlap. Grapes are the first summer crop to ripen, however they are matched in importance often by olives.


There are biblical first fruits festivals to celebrate wines and oils produced from the harvest. This also shows us the timing of these crops. The grape harvest is usually started after Pentecost and completed before the Tabernacles, however olive harvest usually came after fall festivals.

Join the Fight and let's build up Israel


Now is the time to take a stand and fight for Israel! The nation of Israel is experiencing a dramatic renaissance, unlike anything ever seen in human history. In a land that was barren for nearly 2,000 years, life is continuously bursting forth.


Fertile farmland is replacing dusty valleys, and acres of vineyards are transforming rocky mountains. Israel is becoming a hub for international business, as well as a beacon for education. Tourists, seeking to walk the lands of the biblical years, are going to Israel in greater numbers each year. And most miraculously of all, Israel is once again becoming the home of the once scattered Jewish people.


Over the past five decades, 4 million Jews have moved to, or been born in Israel. Even today Jewish families from every corner of the globe are feeling called to return to Israel, and reestablish the land as their home. Yet, for all the good that is underway, Israel’s allies on the world’s stage are shrinking in number, as many nations are determined to divide the land.


Even the United States, once Israel’s most trusted friend, is wavering in support. At this very moment Israel is under incredible pressure to surrender her fertile heartland, Judea and Samaria, as well as a major portion of her holy city, Jerusalem. If these lands are taken the ramifications would be shocking. Israel’s ability to defend herself, against terrorism and invading nations would be severely threatened.


Additionally many religious and historical sites would be in jeopardy of being destroyed. In order to fight for Israel’s right to exist our goal is to inform the American people.


Through Building Up Israel, we will meet people and see products from the heartland of Israel, who are rebuilding the land through faith, hope and love. We do all of this with the goal of inspiring the American public to stand with Israel.


We at Texans for Israel want you to join us in teaching people about the beautiful products you can buy from Israel and how you can support the producers of wine, honey, olive oil and more. Money from this fund will help promote products in the U.S., especially Texas. Keep a constant reminder in your kitchen when you are using products.