Texans for Israel - What it means to be a Texans for Israel Member

Texans for Israel - What it means to be a Texans for Israel MemberNow is the time to join the fight and take a stand for Israel. Texans for Israel offers you a way you can say, “I stand for Israel. My God is the same God as the Jewish people!”


Whether you are Jewish or Gentile, this shows that you are a Texan standing for the Land and Word of God, as well as you are willing to fight for it. God has a purpose for Israel and His people. We have an obligation to fight for that purpose.


Texans for Israel has been created in order to unite and strengthen Texans locally, nationally, abroad (and those with like-mindedness), in the unique values that we share for God’s Land, God’s People, and God’s Purpose for Israel.


By donating just $25, you have the opportunity to join Texans for Israel and support our cause. In deciding to become a member, you will receive a lapel pin, a bumper sticker and a certificate. There are also other items you can receive by donating to Texans for Israel.


Wearing your pin, T-shirt, or displaying your certificate or bumper sticker shows people you believe in the God of the Bible, and that you support Israel. This is a silent way of showing you are a Watchman on the Wall for the land of Israel.


You are a Texan who understands that it is important to love the Bible as well as love the land. We need to live by example standing for the land of Israel, and teach others the importance of fighting for Israel. In Texas, we love our land, and love God, as well as our way of life. This should be the same way we feel about the love of the Bible and the land of the Bible. Israel is the chosen land of the Bible and we are standing with our Jewish brothers.


Displaying your Texans for Israel memorabilia shows others that every shekel and penny given to Texans for Israel will be used for building up Judea, Samaria, and all of Israel.


We hope to be able to, as a group, show members an inside look at products and services offered from Israel. Members will also receive exclusive invitations to all events hosted by Texans for Israel, such as wine tastings. This will be an opportunity to meet others in the same organization and community. There will also be renowned guest speakers from the Land of Israel to come and speak about issues going on. It will be a firsthand look into the action that most Texans never have the opportunity to experience.


One major part of being a Texans for Israel team member is staying up-to-date on the happenings occurring in Israel. We will do our best keep current events and news, including ways to get involved and help, posted to members. We also hope that our members feel they can share with us any thoughts or ideas with us. We would like to have a line of communication with all of our team members, to share news and other topics with the group.

Texans for Israel - Membership

Texans for Israel Membership - $25.00


With the Texans for Israel Membership you will receive the lapel pin, magnetic bumper sticker, and a certificate with your name showing membership to the organization.

Texans for Israel - Full package

Texans for Israel Full Package - $50.00


With this package you will receive the lapel pin, the magnetic bumper sticker, the hat, the t-shirt and the certificate with your name showing membership to the organization, for a discounted price.